About the artist

Elanna is 22 years old and is currently attending Boston University with an intended graduation date of this coming May, 2020. She graduated from Concord-Carlisle Regional High School in 2016 and decided to attend Boston University to obtain her Masters in Art Education in five years and Bachelor in Fine Arts in painting along with a Minor in Art History.

Over the course of four years at Boston University her work has slowly evolved to speak to her two identities; painting and education. Her work combines portraits, objects, patterns and colors to evoke a sensory, nostalgic world of childhood that can be read not as just a word, but as a sentence. Her work ideally is displayed in a place where it can be experienced as a collective whole as each of her pieces are distilled versions of my background. As a painter and an art educator she is interested in investigativating the intersection between these two fields and how one will endlessly inform the other. By combining her two identities she found the ability to spark a sense of joy, humor and excitement in her work that she has been striving to find. She attempts to tackle the large concept of childhood with a more narrowed and personal perspective. Her intent is that the viewer may insert their own childhood experiences into the sentence she provides and possibly entertain their own personal memories of childhood. Hopefully, by evoking these emotions in herself and the viewer she can begin to generate a more empathetic and nostalgic perspective on the places we have been and to which we are going as we move on further and further from our childhoods.

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Elanna G. Honan

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